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Amanda May ~ CFI, CFII, Commercial Pilot

Flightline Air Service was the launching pad for my career choice. I attended the Private Pilot ground school before deciding to pursue a pilot career. I got my Private, Light Sport Instructor, Instrument, and Commerical licenses here before attending college. Flightline gave me the opportunity to get real life experience through employment in flight instruction, line service duties, and hands-on shop opportunities. I now am employed as a flight instructor at a collegiate training program near Pittsburgh, PA. I will forever be grateful for all that I learned at this facility. I highly recommend it to anybody in the Louisiana area serious about flying- there is no one better!

Robert Burns ~ LSA, PVT

A short two years ago I began flight training at Flightline Air Service.  I have progressed from my Sport certificate to Private and now on with instrument!  The instructors are personable, very qualified, and helpful.  They have top notch mechanics and office staff also.  Pineville Municipal (2L0) is convenient and offers a good and unique environment in which to learn to fly. At Flightline you are a face with a name; not just a student or a number!

Sarah Fletcher ~ CFI, MEI, Commercial Pilot

Thanks to Flightline and the wonderful instructors that work there, I was able to quickly and safely get my Airplane Instrument rating, Commercial Pilot license, Multi-Engine ratings, and Flight Instructor license. I achieved all of this while enjoying the comfort and encouragement from a friendly airport environment and was able to work at my own pace. I now am a First Officer at American Eagle Airlines and am based in Dallas, Tx. I highly recommend Flightline for any pilot, from the student and recreational level to anyone with corporate or airline career in mind. From their experienced instructors to their well-kept airplanes, Flightline is the place to learn to fly from start to finish!